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Lettuce: Cos/Romaine:

These are typically upright growers, often folding their leaves together to form a blanched long-hearted head at maturity. Classic cos and romaine types have entire (non-lobed) leaves with a crisp texture, making them popular for salad mix and essential to Caesar salad. These lines have been blurred in varieties that come from crosses to the other types, sometimes lending interesting cos traits to butters, oaks, or crispleaf types.

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 Total Clown (Lettuce)  Total Clown Farm Original Variety!
NEW FOR 2016! I found this multi-hued romaine as a volunteer on the fringes of a breeding plot several years ago. I didn’t plant it, but I know its Momma. Many subtle variations on red streaked and splashed romaine heads, some with rose-pink hearts. pricing and more info...
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 Sucrine (Lettuce)  Sucrine 
The name means “sweet,” and it’s no lie. A gem of a dense little romaine—bright green, bright taste, and the perfect base green for anything else you might have on hand to create a crisp, delightful salad. A perennial favorite in taste tests and r... pricing and more info...
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 Soulie (Lettuce)  Soulie 
NEW FOR 2015! Dark green with a slight reddish cast, romaine type leaves arranged in an open rosette, with buttery crisp texture. Forms an upright head at maturity. Brought to the US from the English Heritage Seed Library by The Seed Ambassadors at Adaptive Seeds who ... pricing and more info...
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 Rubens Romaine (Lettuce)  Rubens Romaine 
A very attractive semi-dwarf romaine, bright fruity-red wrapper leaves surround lime-green hearts of semi-savoyed leaves. Recommended to us by the Student Organic Farming Club at Oregon State University, and Professor James Cassidy who suggests “This L... pricing and more info...
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Romaine des Melons 
NEW FOR 2015! This is a really good flavored romaine, medium green leaves with red flecks, that is sown from Feb (indoors) through June, for field harvest from June through October, hottest days of the year. A good variety from Sativa Seed in Switzerland. pricing and more info...
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 Red Flamingo (Lettuce)  Red Flamingo 
Uniquely brilliant red savoyed leaves with an open romaine form. This is new to us from our friends at Adaptive Seeds, who report this lettuce comes from China, and has exceptional cold tolerance and salad green potential for late season lettuce. pricing and more info...
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 Red Butter Romaine (Lettuce)  Red Butter Romaine Farm Original Variety!
NEW FOR 2015! From a cross between Outredgeous and Sucrine, a plant with intensely red upright outer leaves surrounding a buttery yellow green interior, with a rosy heart. ... pricing and more info...
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 Plato II (Lettuce)  Plato II 
Such a Romaine. Why did Seminis let this go? We’ll ask our agents, but meanwhile, we’ll thank New York farmer Sandy Arnold for passing us the remnants of her packet to get this under way again. A real standout in our lettuce disease trials, resisting ... pricing and more info...
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Pele Farm Original Variety!
NEW FOR 2016! From ‘Manoa x Leopard,’ this short leaf romaine begins as a dark spotted seedling, then matures into a glossy red, crisp, undulant romaine. Interior a blanched blend of pink and yellow heart. pricing and more info...
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 Pandero (Lettuce)  Pandero 
This is a deep-deep red 'Winter Density'-type mini-romaine with excellent downy mildew resistance. The purple-red color develops early and thoroughly in the high density head. Wi... pricing and more info...
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 Outstanding (Lettuce)  Outstanding Farm Original Variety!
It had to happen; a contender arises to challenge its parentage. This selection came out of our 2003 crop for ‘Outredgeous’, chosen for being a little bigger, tighter, and later to bolt than the rest of the patch. After three more generations of selec... pricing and more info...
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 Outredgeous (Lettuce)  Outredgeous Farm Original Variety!
This variety is so red that botany students didn’t recognize it as lettuce when they saw it in our breeding nursery back in ‘98, though a crowd did gather to discuss what it might be. A nice upright cut salad variety, forms a loose romaine head at mat... pricing and more info...
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 Olga (Lettuce)  Olga 
She’s a big blonde-green beauty with broadly rumpled leaves holding a big blanched heart. Kind of soft for a romaine, there is clearly a little butter in her background. pricing and more info...
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 Mayan Jaguar (Lettuce)  Mayan Jaguar Farm Original Variety!
The bigger framed cos of these two spotted cats. Dark red splashes are in high contrast over dark green ruffled leaves, wrapped into a tight upright head, with that bone crusher romaine crunch. The blushed hearts are pink as rose petals. This is a ... pricing and more info...
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 Leopard (Lettuce)  Leopard Farm Original Variety!
A smaller framed midi-sized romaine with extra fancy crisping of the leaf margins, extra fancy dappling of glossy dark green leaves by dark red splashes, and a vary high rating for downy mildew resistance. pricing and more info...
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Green Romaine Density Mix 
NEW FOR 2015! This is a great salad mix base of romaine leaves in a variety of lengths and widths, economically priced, with the small leaf productivity of Winter Density and true cos taste of Dark Green Romaine. Also makes a delicious mix of romaine head shapes and si... pricing and more info...
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 Green Lotus (Lettuce)  Green Lotus Farm Original Variety!
Another new form from the fountain of Merlox variations. ‘Green Lotus’ is a dark glossed green minihead, compactly formed from dense layers of short broadly cupped leaves, the largest being the size and shape of a cupped hand. The texture reveals the ... pricing and more info...
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 Glossy Bronze Cos (Lettuce)  Glossy Bronze Cos Farm Original Variety!
This is from an experiment in flavor alone. We crossed our two best tasting compact cos types, Brown Goldring and Blush Butter Cos, to create this brassy bullet-headed barrel of crunch. Larger than Goldring, taller and denser than BBC, darker green, with ... pricing and more info...
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 Flashy Trout Back (Lettuce)  Flashy Trout Back Farm Original Variety!
This is our own selection derived from the variable cos heirloom ‘Forellenschluse’ (Austrian for “speckled like a trout’s back,” aka ‘Freckles’ in some catalogs) and it has received rave ratings from past trial seasons. ‘Flashy Trout Back... pricing and more info...
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Dubya Red Density Farm Original Variety!
Just like the dappled 'Dubya', but with a really red shiny overcoat for a smart look. Small even for a mini-head, red to the heart, with a glassy gloss so sharp it could cut itself. pricing and more info...
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 Dubya Green Density (Lettuce)  Dubya Green Density Farm Original Variety!
The entire Dubya clan is as clean and disease resistant as it is tiny and dense. All of these very mini-romaines ranked as the most downy mildew resistant strains in the entire field last year. This appears to be horizontal resistance of the highest order... pricing and more info...
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 Devils Tongue (Lettuce)  Devils Tongue Farm Original Variety!
A dark red spring lettuce with tapered cos-like leaves forming loose heads at maturity. Very buttery texture and thick leaves. Good reports from Texas to the Olympic Peninsula. This is not a pure-line variety, as evidenced by its black and white seeds, bu... pricing and more info...
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 Dark Green Romaine (Lettuce)  Dark Green Romaine 
A classic heirloom within its type, and another piece of the Abundant Life Seed collection. Head closed at the top, blanching the heart, but not twisted as in Brown Golding. The darker green leaves seem to go with its especially sweet flavor. One of the b... pricing and more info...
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 Crisp Mint (Lettuce)  Crisp Mint 
Another Botany Class Favorite for sweetness, and for yield in cold weather and short days of autumn. Makes heavy heads with real romaine backbone, flavor, and juice. Mint green wrapper leaves surround crystal white hearts of savoy-puckered leaves. Has a ... pricing and more info...
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 Brown Goldring (Lettuce)  Brown Goldring 
This is our least appreciated, best flavored lettuce. In replicated studies over two years that included blind taste tests by 28 teenage Botany students, 80% rated this (unfortunately named) variety as “sweet,” and less than 10% rated it bitte... pricing and more info...
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 Blushed Butter Cos (Lettuce)  Blushed Butter Cos Farm Original Variety!
Very popular pink-blushed blend of butterhead and cos qualities. Leaves are dense, buttery, savoyed and folded, nicely proportioned to fit a salad plate, and easy to remove from the head without tearing or bruising. Highly rated for flavor by our customer... pricing and more info...
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 Better Devil (Lettuce)  Better Devil Farm Original Variety!
A medium red, moderate sized butter-cos derived from 'Devils Tongue.' More compact and uniform than 'Devils Tongue,' especially good for early spring planting. Black seeded. pricing and more info...
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Displaying 1 to 27 (of 27 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Soulie (Lettuce)
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