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Open Source Seed Initiative Pledged Varieties

In April of 2014, Wild Garden Seed joined with High Mowing Seed and public breeders at three Land Grant Universities (Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin) to release seeds of our own breeding under the auspices of the Open Source Seed Initiative, OSSI. The purpose of OSSI is to create an ethically bounded genetic commons. The OSSI Free Seed Pledge does, by public intention, what only endless contracts can do in law. See the original WGS OSSI essay (and follow-up essay) for the details.

We have chosen not to seek PVP or other intellectual property protection for our original varieties. We have studied, argued, consulted, and meditated on the relative virtues and hazards of intellectual property protection in the food sector of life. We have long been involved in an effort to contrive some variation on the use of Creative Commons ‘Copyleft’ and Open Source Software models to provide an open forum use of crop genetics, without fear that corporate entities will patent what others have freely offered. This turns out to be somewhat complex. Seeds are unlike software, words, devices, or even discoveries. To begin with, seeds are alive, while the rest are not. Regardless, these new crop cultivars, their genetics, and the traits they express are freely offered for public use, and are not intended for any kind of privatization or ownership by others, though others may use them in their breeding, farming, or garden-related enterprises.

Below is a list of all OSSI pledged varieties available in our catalog. These varieties are designated throughout our website with the OSSI logo: OSSI Logo

The OSSI Pledge:

“You have the right to use these OSSI-pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.”?

Wild Garden Seed appreciates recognition for its breeding work by those who use it.

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 After Midnight (Poppy)  After Midnight Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Four petals in the deepest darkest midnight violet. Pods do not open pores, retaining the chocolate brown seeds for harvest. pricing and more info...
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 Amphora (Poppy)  Amphora Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A simple white poppy with elegant pink crepe margins. This is a "rattlepod" type, useful as a quiet percussion instrument, or as an oilseed variety that won't prematurely spill the seed. Most pods have a graceful amphora shape. pricing and more info...
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 Anemones (Rudbeckia/Black-Eyed Susan)  Anemones Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2022! This is a recent selection out of ‘Gloriosa Double Daisy’ with tubular ray flowers that taper toward the end, giving the effect of lifeforms from a tidepool. Still a work in progress, but too cool not to share. Forms vary from single to semi-double on 3’ stems. Some of these may have bicolor petals. pricing and more info...
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 Annie Oaky (Lettuce)  Annie Oaky Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A cute little deep red oak with curls on the outside, and a heart of gold on the inside. Combines the dark red and crisped edges of Lollo d' Vino with the compact oak frame of Emerald Oak. 6" spacing like a true mini. pricing and more info...
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 Aurora (Orach)  Aurora Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Brightest lights this side of chard. Red, gold, green, pink, carmine, and pure purple with Dayglow radiance. The genes for this were delivered to our breeding nursery by a freak of nature, and introduced to the seed trade in 2002 by Fedco Seed of Maine, and this crazy list. Mountain spinach for merry pranksters. pricing and more info...
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 Bella Italia (Peppers)  Bella Italia Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
These are deep dark red Italian-type peppers, with a ruffled surface and thinner walls than the other Italian kinds we sell. When sliced thinly these make a striking vermillion “vegetable fettuchini” that can be quickly sauteed or stir fried for topping dishes, or used fresh for salads. Fruits 6-8" ripen earlier than our other Italians. pricing and more info...
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 Bloodstone (Lettuce)  Bloodstone Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A little gem type with a bloodstone pattern of dark red over dark green, short rounded wrapping leaves, compact heads with blazing colored contrast in the heart. Comes from Green Lotus x red-to-heart lines. 9" spacing. pricing and more info...
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 Bloody Oakheart (Lettuce)  Bloody Oakheart Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Out of the genetic jewel box that is ‘Camo Oakheart Mix’ comes this high contrast presentation of the “flashy splashed” effect in a compact oak lettuce. In the mini-midi size range, suitable for 6-8” spacing to make heads. pricing and more info...
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 Blushed Butter Cos (Lettuce)  Blushed Butter Cos Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Very popular pink-blushed blend of butterhead and cos qualities. Leaves are dense, buttery, savoyed and folded, nicely proportioned to fit a salad plate, and easy to remove from the head without tearing or bruising. Highly rated for flavor by our customers and the Philomath High School Botany Class, which has conducted detailed trials on our lettuces every year since 1995. If teens like it, it’s... pricing and more info...
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 Blushed Butter Oak (Lettuce)  Blushed Butter Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Same parentage and color as ‘Blush Butter Cos’ but selected for oakish leaves that wrap a buttery heart. Also highly rated for flavor and cold hardiness by everyone that trials it. I love this stuff. pricing and more info...
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 Blushed Icy Oak (Lettuce)  Blushed Icy Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Selected from 'Blushed Butter Oak' parentage for crisp leaves, almost iceberg-ish in texture, but with a lot more flavor. Bright pink blushed leaves are strongly tri-lobed with juicy pink midribs. pricing and more info...
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 Brightest Brilliant Rainbow (Quinoa)  Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This diverse selection includes our most striking color choices. Hot pink to royal burgundy, red, orange, yellow, white, green, and every bright combination. Large, branching plants can reach 7’ tall. pricing and more info...
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 Changling (Calendula)  Changling Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A fun little find from the greenhouse, a population of calendula that can’t decide what color it is. Individual flowers may be half orange/half peach, a mixture of different petal colors together, or have petals that change color from the base to the tip. Pastel to bright shades of yellow and orange, with only occasional red flashbacks. pricing and more info...
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 Classic Italian (Peppers)  Classic Italian Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
More curvaceous, full bodied, variably crowned, and blunt than the perfect model described above. Proudly less than perfect, but also less rumpled and crumpled than the rustic Italian clan. Earlier than Joeleneâ??s, more refined, but maybe not as sweet. pricing and more info...
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 Cougar Batavian (Lettuce)  Cougar Batavian Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A smooth, svelt, bronzed batavian lettuce with a crisp juicy texture, sweet in the heat of summer for cutting mix or fresh market heads with creamy hearts. We found this as an errant seedling in a flat of unrelated lettuce. It appears to be one of our batavian types crossed to 'Brown Goldring'--and it tastes that way too. Uniform heads with bronze slightly ruffled leaf margins. pricing and more info...
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 Dazzling Blue (Kale: European)  Dazzling Blue Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This stunning new blue kale comes from Hank Keogh’s inspiration to backcross a ‘Rainbow Lacinato’ variant with its ‘WGS Lacinato’ ancestor. The result is Hank’s dazzling blue-green savoyed strap leaf with underturned margins, upright growth, and a striking pink midrib. Eye-catching at the market, and the flavor is “very lacinato.” More winter hardy than any other lacinato-type, as... pricing and more info...
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 Double Whoopee (Corn Poppy)  Double Whoopee Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is such a fun mix of tidy doubled flowers with the look of tuffets, or maybe whoopee cushions. Petals hold themselves up together in a cupped circle of lovely picotee red or pink on white, or red backgrounds with stunning pink edges. The pure double whites look like clouds. pricing and more info...
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 Dragon Feathers Mix (Mustard: Pungent)  Dragon Feathers Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is what we get after mixing pricing and more info...
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 Dragon Tongue/Ho-Mi Z (Mustard: Pungent)  Dragon Tongue/Ho-Mi Z Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Recently rechristened by our friend Elanor at Persephone Farm, ‘Dragon Tongue’ is our newest mustard recombination, melding the mellow Horned with the sweet and colorful Miike. Slow bolting with high contrast leaves of purple veining on a bright green background, and wide midribs that grow and thicken at maturity, “horning up” into a great stir-fry vegetable. Salad size leaves are texture... pricing and more info...
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 Dubya Dapple Density (Lettuce)  Dubya Dapple Density Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
The tightest, tiniest, most glossy, two-toned, wavy-margined mini-romaine I've ever seen. Half the size of a 'Winter Density', and maybe twice as dense--a really compact, crisp, and flashy executive lettuce with a densely blanched pinkish heart. Summer bolt resistant, and fully resistant to downy mildew. pricing and more info...
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 Early Long Orange Bell (Pepper)  Early Long Orange Bell Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2022! The name describes the goal of this selection out of the Stoplight Orange breeding pool. Very early for bell peppers in our cool-night climate, and longer fruit than typical American bells, more Euro in pepper style. Heavy fruit set requires a low trellis to hold up the yield. Fruit holds well on the plant and keeps well in season’s end storage. Bright color is retained in cooking. Very sweet. pricing and more info...
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 Early Perfect Italian (Peppers)  Early Perfect Italian Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is probably what Joelene was really requesting when she asked if I could recreate her favorite hybrid red Italian as an OP variety. These appeared from my "early red" breeding lines this year, and I was as surprised as anyone with its straight smooth shape, like a longer "red roaster" type, including the nicely domed crown, and few seeds. A chef's dream. Easy to clean, roast and peel, a joy t... pricing and more info...
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 Eclipse (Mustard: Pungent)  Eclipse Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Dark green deeply incised leaves with broad white petioles and spicy flavor. Not mossy frilled, more whole in outline with deep cuts from the margins to the midribs. Cold hardy winter greens for stir fry or salad mix. Still some variation here, but beautiful in form and useful from fall through spring. pricing and more info...
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 Emerald Oak (Lettuce)  Emerald Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
One of our 2003 farm-original releases, and we still really like it. A very tidy and compact jewel green oakleaf that matures into a dense buttery-hearted head. Leaves are perfect salad size from either baby or mature heads. From a cross between Blushed Butter Oak and Deer Tongue, this variety captures some of the best taste and texture qualities of ... pricing and more info...
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Endeavor Endive Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A bit of a roundabout way to end up with an endive mix, but this comes out of the Chicendive project, originally a cross of chicory by endive. This mixed population of endivish forms varies in leaf shape from the finest frisée to robust endive. I expect to see a wide range of low temperature tolerances, leaf textures, and head sizes. For the intrepid salad grower or on-farm plant explorer. This s... pricing and more info...
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Escapade Escarole Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is the broadleaf counterpart to ‘Endeavor’ Endive, smooth leaves with entire, uncluttered margins, forming nicely hearted heads. Like all escarole and endive, these are best planted for maturation in the cooling shortened days of autumn, or with season extension, holding into winter. Spring plantings are of ephemeral utility, but can fill a need for early salad diversity. pricing and more info...
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 Estate (Tomato)  Estate Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This comes from the crossing of three varieties that worked for us over the years. Stupice x Homestead was later crossed to Peron Sprayless when we lived in the cold hills. Peron provided a smooth round lushness that is very upscale in appearances. Terrific full tomato flavor, large juice-filled locules, and a meaty heart. Grows to about 6-7' with fruits 3-3½". pricing and more info...
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 Faster (Strawberry Spinach)  Faster Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Wild Chenopodiums all have erratic seed germination, due largely to variable thickness of the seed coat. This strain has undergone several generations of selection for faster sprouting and faster growing seedlings. pricing and more info...
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 Fawn (Lettuce)  Fawn Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A uniformly small, dark green gem with red speckling, 6" across at maturity. pricing and more info...
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 Fine Petal Pink Peony (Poppy)  Fine Petal Pink Peony Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Fully doubled into spherical dimensions 4" across by finely dissected rose pink petals. Honeybees disappear in their search for pollen. pricing and more info...
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