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Chicorium intybus
Same genus, but a species apart from endive, the chicories are more colorful and cold hardy, slower growing, thicker leafed, and less curly than most endives. Can be used as a cutting green, but beautiful pigments, crunchy texture, and complex flavors don’t fully manifest until maturity. Best flavor is always in cold weather.
Seeds Per Packet: 500
Seeds Per Ounce: 14,000

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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Castelfranco Franchi 
This is a select strain from the Italian seedhouse Franchi. In last year’s OSA chicory trial hosted by GTF, we thought this was the most uniform and reliably heading Castelfranco type. Plant seeds June through September, for harvests from the first of autumn through December. Transforms fall salad. pricing and more info...
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 Catalogna (Chicory)  Catalogna 
Dark green toothed leaves that are often sold as “Italian dandelions” in the markets. This is really a “cutting” chicory in one of its most wildish forms, something like the “meadow salad” that gave rise to our modern diversity of chicory shapes, colors, and textures. Cut year ‘round for bunching and salad. pricing and more info...
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 Early Treviso (Chicory)  Early Treviso 
The tapered hearts of this Italian provincial chicory make the most beautiful salads you can plate. The best OP Treviso type we’ve ever grown. A very tidy and compact head of salad-sized leaves in shades of crimson and pink with bold white midrib and veins. Uniform for a non-hybrid, and very flexible in its planting period. Good heading from sowings in January through late-July. An excellent cho... pricing and more info...
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 Late Red Treviso/Treviso Rosso di Tardivo (Chicory)  Late Red Treviso/Treviso Rosso di Tardivo 
Traditional elongated red chicory of Treviso in the north of Italy, grown especially to be the salad of winter, and harvested after cold weather. Traditional methods involve digging out and trimming the roots and tops, extensive washing and forcing in 56 F spring water, careful trimming and grading of the final product. A more rustic approach is to harvest the heart leaves as needed from the field... pricing and more info...
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 Palla Rossa (Chicory)  Palla Rossa 
This is a really good OP variety for spring planted red raddichio, making a high percentage of well-wrapped dense heads. Also works well for normal autumn production from July plantings. Way more uniformity than we’ve found in other classic OPs. pricing and more info...
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 Wild Garden Chicories (Chicory)  Wild Garden Chicories Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A diverse mix of head types, leaf shapes, and color pattern created by crossing Italian heirlooms. Over 15 years these have been selected for July-August sowing of autumn and winter crops. Reliably the most festive part of winter salad harvest in the Northwest. A genetic rainbow of heavy salad. pricing and more info...
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Lorenziana (Gaillardia/Blanket Flower)
Lorenziana (Gaillardia/Blanket Flower)
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