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Mustard: Japonica
Brassica rapa
Mild flavored nutritious staples of east Asian cooking, also a favorite for salad mix. Cold tolerant, indeed best tasting in cool seasons. Flowers and tender bud shoots (“rapini”) are wonderful in salad. Blooms attract and feed lots of beneficial insects (syrphids, wasps, ladys), and native solitary, bumble and honeybees.
Seeds Per Ounce: 13,000
Seeds Per Packet: 500

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 Bekana (Mustard: Japonica)  Bekana 
One of the best flavored of the mild Brassica greens that we’ve grown. Very hardy and healthy for winter use. Bright golden-green makes terrific contrast with dark greens and purple-leaf types. Supersweet bolted shoots are a beautiful finale to a long h... pricing and more info...
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 Mizspoona Salad Select (Mustard: Japonica)  Mizspoona Salad Select Farm Original Variety!
This is a careful reselection of our original ‘Mizspoona’ gene pool (from ‘Mizuna’ x ‘Tatsoi’). Dark to emerald green leaves, round to flattened petioles, pinnately dissected leaves with pointed teeth or rounded lobes. Our best “any season... pricing and more info...
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 Pink Lettucy (Mustard: Japonica)  Pink Lettucy Farm Original Variety!
Golden green leaves with parallel veins, fine toothed margins, and purple- pink midribs. Thinned or spaced plantings have the best color and thickest leaves. Mild flavored salad item from seedling through “colorful raab” and edible flower stage. Relea... pricing and more info...
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 Pink Petiole Mix (Mustard: Japonica)  Pink Petiole Mix Farm Original Variety!
An amazing mix of colors, blonde to emerald leaves with round to flat petioles (“leaf stems”) in pink to purple shades. Cold hardy. Highly recommended for salad mix. Best color and quality from spaced plants or well-thinned rows. Pinkness intensifies... pricing and more info...
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 Purple Rapa Pop Mix (Mustard: Japonica)  Purple Rapa Pop Mix Farm Original Variety!
New colors for cold-season salad mix! This is a select population of breeding material crossing Pink Lettucy and Wong Bok with intensely purple-pink germplasm created with Scarlet Ohno. Selected for solid purple leaves, cold hardiness, and Sclerotinia res... pricing and more info...
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 Rosy Rapa Greens (Mustard: Japonica)  Rosy Rapa Greens Farm Original Variety!
NEW FOR 2015! An introduction of a new mustard mix with truly rose-pink stems and bright green leaves. Leaf shapes are similar to our ‘Mizspoona Mix,’ but with a whole different color profile. This is the first really roseate-stemmed mustard on the market. Limi... pricing and more info...
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 Scarlet Ohno Revival (Mustard: Japonica)  Scarlet Ohno Revival 
Sounds like an old rock band, but we’re talking turnips here, and their greens. When we were young farmers there were these hot pink, somewhat flattened pickling turnips from Japan called Scarlet Ohno. You could buy them in 1985. They had amazing glossy... pricing and more info...
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Spring Raab 
Often called “broccoli raab” or “rapini,” this is actually a mild mustard that has been selected for especially large floral shoots. This variety does well from very early spring plantings. Traditional Italian prima vera vegetable. Frost hardy, gr... pricing and more info...
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Vivid Choi Mix Farm Original Variety!
A hardy mix for cold season salad, green and purple leaves, with stems and veins ranging from vivid pink to deep purple to white. Semi-blanched inner leaves are striking additions to the greens of winter. Overwintered plants bolt into “vivid rapini” f... pricing and more info...
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Wild Garden Mild Mustard Mix Farm Original Variety!
A mix of all the rapa above, along with other new experimental crosses that are otherwise unreleased. Instant Brassica melange. Viva diversitas! pricing and more info...
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 Yukina Savoy (Mustard: Japonica)  Yukina Savoy 
Deep green rounded leaves with a deeply savoyed texture, like a "spinach-savoyed tatsoi." Leaves have an upward growth habit, unlike tatsoi, and can be used for young-cut salad or full sized bunching. Heavy light green stem adds heaft to salad mix, or the... pricing and more info...
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Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1 
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