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Salad Mixes

This is one way to get maximum diversity into a simple order or a single planting. The original “one packet salads” came from Europe, most famously as the French ‘mesclun,’ but salad master Joy Larken mentions others like Italian ‘misticanza.’ The essential art of salad mix is blending flavors and textures that go well together and grow well together. Sometimes the best approach is to divide the seeds into fast and slow germinating species, otherwise the slow starters get smothered by the swift. Blend all during harvest. Overcrowded plants will be leggy and bland compared to better spaced heads. Thin with vigilance. Eat the tall.
Approx. 2000 seeds/large packet-pair

This is what bought Shoulder to Shoulder Farm, and subsidized about 18 years of on-farm crop breeding. Three mixes for spring, summer, and fall/winter provide year ‘round seasonal salad. Farm-bred varieties, heirlooms, and wildlings create a salad mix you won’t find elsewhere. Each season’s mix comes as a fast- and slow-germination packet-pair. Give the slow-starters a week head start in their own row or bed, then sow the fast sprouters. One sowing per month will provide uninterrupted salad. After weeks of salad harvest the planting will bolt into a center of blooming biodiversity. Choose from these three seasonal mixes…

Seeds Per Packet: 2000

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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Fall/Winter Mix Farm Original Variety!
Persian Cress, Belle Isle Cress, Wild Garden Chicory, Nina Endive, Batavian Escarole, Chervil, White Russian, Lacinato and Red Ursa Kales, Great Wave and Dragon Tongue Mustards, Purple Rapa Pop Mild Mustards, Salad Select Mizspoona Mustards, and the Lettuces: Kweik Butter, Oscarde, Winter Density, Merlot, Blushing Jester, and Freedom Mix. pricing and more info...
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Spring Mix Farm Original Variety!
Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress, Purple Osaka and Horned Mustard, Red Ursa and Red Russian Kale, Tres Fin Endive, Palla Rossa Chicory, Survivor Italian Parsley, Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach, Chervil, Pink Lettucy Mild Mustard, Spring Raab, Arugula, and the Lettuces: Blushed Butter Oak, Divina, Jack Ice, Mayan Jaguar Romaine, Dark Green Romaine, Hyper Red Rumple Waved, Outredgeous, and Freedo... pricing and more info...
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Summer Mix Farm Original Variety!
Burgundy Amaranth, Strawberry Spinach, Magentaspreen Goosefoot, Epazote, Blonde Escarole, Frisee Meaux Endive, Darki Moss Parsley, Red Head Quinoa, Aurora Orach, Gold Purslane, Perfection Fennel, Horned & Golden Frill Mustards, Pink Lettucy Mustards, Sacred Basil, and the Lettuces: Brown Goldring, Flashy Trout Back, Devilâ??s Tongue, Mascara, Optima, Double Density, and Freedom Mix. pricing and more info...
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List of product results pages
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Monstrusum Tall Mix
Monstrusum Tall Mix (Helichrysum)
Monstrusum Tall Mix (Helichrysum)
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