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Mustard: Pungent
Brassica juncea
More or less pungent species often grown for broad or swollen petioles and tender bolting stems, used for salad, soup, braising or stir fry. Young plants and heart leaves are autumn salad staples. Flowering buds are terrific flavor for edible flower garnish, and its blooms in the field ensure that lots of syrphid fly larvae are eating aphids in the area.
Seeds Per Packet: 500
Seeds Per Ounce: 16,000

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 Dragon Feathers Mix (Mustard: Pungent)  Dragon Feathers Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is what we get after mixing pricing and more info...
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 Dragon Tongue/Ho-Mi Z (Mustard: Pungent)  Dragon Tongue/Ho-Mi Z Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Recently rechristened by our friend Elanor at Persephone Farm, ‘Dragon Tongue’ is our newest mustard recombination, melding the mellow Horned with the sweet and colorful Miike. Slow bolting with high contrast leaves of purple veining on a bright green background, and wide midribs that grow and thicken at maturity, “horning up” into a great stir-fry vegetable. Salad size leaves are texture... pricing and more info...
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 Eclipse (Mustard: Pungent)  Eclipse Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Dark green deeply incised leaves with broad white petioles and spicy flavor. Not mossy frilled, more whole in outline with deep cuts from the margins to the midribs. Cold hardy winter greens for stir fry or salad mix. Still some variation here, but beautiful in form and useful from fall through spring. pricing and more info...
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 Golden Frill (Mustard: Pungent)  Golden Frill 
We are so happy to finally offer this unique spicy mustard in our catalog. I recognized this variety the first time I laid eyes on it, and remembered our minor role in its creative breeding. Circa 1997, a Japanese Brassica breeding company purchased an ounce of our ‘Violet Moss Curled’ kale, a B. napus relative of rutabaga.‘Golden Frill’ appears to come from a cross of this moss curled kal... pricing and more info...
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 Great Wave Miike (Mustard: Pungent)  Great Wave Miike Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Reselection of the traditional ‘Miike Giant’ strain for especially large tender petioles, and for tender bolted stems with a characteristic undulating “snaky” growth habit. Flavor is very sweet and hot. Leaves are short and broad with smooth margins, wide midribs, and red veins on a light green surface. Can be planted for baby salad anytime, but full heads are at best as a fall crop. Fully... pricing and more info...
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 Green Wave (Mustard: Pungent)  Green Wave 
Bright green, frilly, very winter hardy, and hot taste when raw. Slightest cooking dispels the heat to reveal a very sweet and full flavored mustard. High yielding and reliable workhorse variety. pricing and more info...
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 Horned (Mustard: Pungent)  Horned 
Mild flavored, emerald green leaves edged with tiny teeth are a good salad leaf. Mature leaves of well grown plants have swollen midribs that forms a raised “horn” at maturity. Tender sweet bolting shoots are a chef’s delight. pricing and more info...
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 Osaka Purple (Mustard: Pungent)  Osaka Purple 
A refined commercial standard and salad mix staple. Dark purple leaves are smooth with rounded shape and undercupped margins. Broad flat midribs help wrap a beautiful blanched heart. Hardy. pricing and more info...
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 Wild Garden Pungent Mix (Mustard: Pungent)  Wild Garden Pungent Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A mix of all the above plus unreleased breeding material from experimental crosses. Bunches of this look like vegetable bouquets. Perfect for salad mix diversity. Leaf colors are golden, green, striped red, and solid purple; leaf margins are frilly, dissected, toothed to entire; leaf surfaces glossy, smooth, savoyed, and blistered; flavors sweet, pungent, and hot. Shuffle and stir these traits. Th... pricing and more info...
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List of product results pages
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 
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