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Open Source Seed Initiative Pledged Varieties

In April of 2014, Wild Garden Seed joined with High Mowing Seed and public breeders at three Land Grant Universities (Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin) to release seeds of our own breeding under the auspices of the Open Source Seed Initiative, OSSI. The purpose of OSSI is to create an ethically bounded genetic commons. The OSSI Free Seed Pledge does, by public intention, what only endless contracts can do in law. See the original WGS OSSI essay (and follow-up essay) for the details.

We have chosen not to seek PVP or other intellectual property protection for our original varieties. We have studied, argued, consulted, and meditated on the relative virtues and hazards of intellectual property protection in the food sector of life. We have long been involved in an effort to contrive some variation on the use of Creative Commons ‘Copyleft’ and Open Source Software models to provide an open forum use of crop genetics, without fear that corporate entities will patent what others have freely offered. This turns out to be somewhat complex. Seeds are unlike software, words, devices, or even discoveries. To begin with, seeds are alive, while the rest are not. Regardless, these new crop cultivars, their genetics, and the traits they express are freely offered for public use, and are not intended for any kind of privatization or ownership by others, though others may use them in their breeding, farming, or garden-related enterprises.

Below is a list of all OSSI pledged varieties available in our catalog. These varieties are designated throughout our website with the OSSI logo: OSSI Logo

The OSSI Pledge:

“You have the right to use these OSSI-pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.”?

Wild Garden Seed appreciates recognition for its breeding work by those who use it.

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 Gildenstern (Lettuce)  Gildenstern Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A golden green sidekick to Rosencrantz, forming icy crisp heads that are suitable for individual salads. A good year-round mini-heading lettuce, even suitable for autumn harvest from early August sowings. Resistant to tip burn, downy mildew, and sclerotinia, slow bolting. The latest release of the “Merlox” derivations, combining ... pricing and more info...
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 Glossy (Epazote)  Glossy Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A refined selection with smooth green leaves and stems, uniformly aromatic and productive. Rodrigo, our Oaxacan-born field manager, says this is better than his home village kind. pricing and more info...
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 Glossy Bronze Cos (Lettuce)  Glossy Bronze Cos Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This is from an experiment in flavor alone. We crossed our two best tasting compact cos types, Brown Goldring and Blush Butter Cos, to create this brassy bullet-headed barrel of crunch. Larger than Goldring, taller and denser than BBC, darker green, with a very shiny polish to the tight wrapper leaves. pricing and more info...
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 Golden Afternoon (Quinoa)  Golden Afternoon Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A new variety from crossing Oro d' Valle with lines from Washington State University's breeding program. Seeds are a sunny yellow fresh from the plant, and have good resistance to head sprouting in trials for 2 years running. pricing and more info...
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 Golden Apple (Peppers)  Golden Apple Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Out of Stocky Gold popped this nearly round little pepper that fits in the palm of your hand. Makes a good snack, maybe the right size to entice kids to take up sweet peppers as finger food. pricing and more info...
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 Great Wave Miike (Mustard: Pungent)  Great Wave Miike Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Reselection of the traditional ‘Miike Giant’ strain for especially large tender petioles, and for tender bolted stems with a characteristic undulating “snaky” growth habit. Flavor is very sweet and hot. Leaves are short and broad with smooth margins, wide midribs, and red veins on a light green surface. Can be planted for baby salad anytime, but full heads are at best as a fall crop. Fully... pricing and more info...
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 Green Lotus (Lettuce)  Green Lotus Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Another new form from the fountain of Merlox variations. ‘Green Lotus’ is a dark glossed green minihead, compactly formed from dense layers of short broadly cupped leaves, the largest being the size and shape of a cupped hand. The texture reveals the blending of romaine and crisphead parentage, with the disease package of ... pricing and more info...
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 Green Oakheart (Lettuce)  Green Oakheart Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
The densest, most compact oakleaf we’ve seen. The crisp texture and uniform leaf size make this a candidate for converting heads into salad mix pronto. Can be spaced 6” apart to maximize production. From a cross of ‘Emerald Oak,’ ‘Reine d’... pricing and more info...
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 Green Velvet (Orach)  Green Velvet Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Leaves undulant and shimmering green, like a large spinach plugged in. Pinkish stems and seed heads are evidence of the close relation to Triple Purple, but its look is quite opposite. Like a lot of sibs come to think of it. Vigorous type with large leaves. pricing and more info...
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 Headhunter Mix (Lettuce)  Headhunter Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2021! I’m looking for new talent in “being a crisphead.” The crisphead lettuce has endured a lot of abuse for about a half century now on account of “iceberg syndrome,” the notion that head lettuce has nothing but crunch and water to offer. In reality, that was just one kind of crisphead grown in one kind of environment. The realm of crisp-head possibilities is much wider than that, and l... pricing and more info...
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 Hearts Aflame (Lettuce)  Hearts Aflame Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A selection from 'Manoa' crossed to my "dark red pointed" breeding stock, selected for internal redness in a flaming pattern on long blanched hearts. The leaves are tender, savoyed, and softly folded together. Beautiful hearts are where it's at. pricing and more info...
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 Home Stoop (Tomato)  Home Stoop Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
'Stupice' was introduced to the US by Abundant Life Seed Foundation along with a number of other East European varieties circa 1980, and immediately found a home on every mountain homestead in the Northwest. Damp hardy and cool adapted, it delivered great flavor and results in marginal situations, but the fruits were small. 'Homestead' was once a commercial variety in Florida, an exact opposite of... pricing and more info...
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 Hyper Red Oak (Lettuce)  Hyper Red Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
As dark red as it gets, similar to 'Merlox Red Oak', but with shorter leaves for a more compact head. Top of the downy mildew resistance ratings in 2010, a serious year for this ubiquitous plague of lettuce. A descendant of Hyper Red Rumple, Emerald Oak, and... pricing and more info...
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 Hyper Red Rumple Waved (Lettuce)  Hyper Red Rumple Waved Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
The most intensely pigmented and deeply savoyed lettuce we sell. Very dark purple-red leaf/semi-cos heads with gorgeous rumpled and puckered hearts. An eye-catching standout in trials from Maine to Philomath High for summer color and autumn cold hardiness. High scores for resistance to Sclerotinia and downy mildew in \'02 and \'03 disease plot trials pricing and more info...
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 Incred Mix (Quinoa)  Incred Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! Closely related to the ‘Fingerhead GP’ with Kaslala influence on seed size and color. Seeds are larger than our original varieties. Seedhead colors are white, pink, yellow, and orange with corresponding seed colors of white, cream, gold, and walnut brown. Could be used as an interesting seed mix, or selected for refined qualities. pricing and more info...
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 Incred White (Quinoa)  Incred White Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! From the Incred population, an early maturing snow white seed producer. Stems are striped green and white, panicle is green-white. Seeds are not as large as the Incred Mix. pricing and more info...
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 InfaRouge Ruffles Mix (Lettuce)  InfaRouge Ruffles Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
The darkest red oak from the '80s paired up with the darkest savoyed leaf from 20 years later...'Mascara' x 'Pinot.' What took so long? There are so many shades beyond the red in here, and the leaf textures combine oak and ruffling and savoy and crisping in a hundred ways. These are full sized heads of looseleaf and oak types, describable as 'wino violetto' to '21st century fire'...so many names ... pricing and more info...
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 InfraRouge Leaf (Lettuce)  InfraRouge Leaf Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
By crossing 'Pinot' to 'Mascara' we created many different options--for shades of red color and leaf shape, and seed color for that matter--but this one stood out right away. This is a full sized leaf lettuce with color beyond your average red, deeply purple and bright red simultaneously, with crisped e... pricing and more info...
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 Irene Green Gem (Lettuce)  Irene Green Gem Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
One of my favorite lettuce personalities of the year, Irene jumped out of a trial bed like she was ready to go, heading up faster and more uniformly than similar gem contenders. Dark green 6" rosettes quickly form tight fists of crisp white hearts, each a salad for two. From the Island Gems series (Manoa x ... pricing and more info...
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 Island Gems Mix (Lettuce)  Island Gems Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This mix of tight small heads comes from the cross ‘Manoa’ x ‘Leopard’ initiated in 2011. This will eventually produce a dozen or more distinct cultivars (inc. a couple this year), but you can preview them all right here. These are primarily mini and midi sizes in all shades of green, as well as boldly spotted and blushed kinds with many shades of red. Savoyed short-leafed packed heads are... pricing and more info...
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 Italian Red Heart (Peppers)  Italian Red Heart Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Dark red, thick walled, very sweet and meaty texture, the size of an Italian romantic’s heart. The smooth fruits are easily roasted and skinned. A beautiful pepper to hold or behold. pricing and more info...
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 Ivory (Quinoa)  Ivory Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Selected out of Brightest Brilliant for resistance to downy mildew and head sprouting, better stem strength, and white seed color. White panicles help prevent seed staining from rain at maturity. This selection has endured 4 days of rain/dampness at maturity without head sprouting. pricing and more info...
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 Jadeite (Lettuce)  Jadeite Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
From a cross of Winter Density with Dark Green Romaine, these were some of the tidiest, least bitten, most downy mildew free plants in the lettuce growout this year. Unique matte green color, with blanched yellow hearts, these small romaine can be spaced 9" apart. Frost hardy. pricing and more info...
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 Jagger (Mustard: Pungent)  Jagger Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A purple-red leaf mustard with a broadly rounded projecting shape, small dentate edges, and slight surface texture. Enough heat for a good mustard flavor, but mild enough for salad mix. Something about these leaves reminds me of The Stones. Limited Supply. pricing and more info...
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 Jester (Lettuce)  Jester Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
OK--this is it. This is my favorite lettuce of all time. Not quite perfect yet, but this triple cross between Reine d’ Glaces, Merlot, and Flashy Troutback has most of what I love in lettuce. Crisp as ice, glossy, juicy as an apple, perfectly ... pricing and more info...
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 Jewel Box Mix (Lettuce)  Jewel Box Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A mixture of the best lines out the 'Camo Oakheart' and 'Camo Gem backgrounds, this gathering is comprised of small-leaf, densely heading plants with hearts of ruby, emerald, bloodstone, and topaz. Space 8" apart, grow to maturity, cut or pick hearts into jewel-like salad leaves. Can be hand picked for ... pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Flag (Poppy)  Jimi's Flag Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Four brilliant scarlet feather-edged petals with deep hazy purple bases on 4' tall stems. This is the namesake variety for the Jimi's Flag Mix we've sold for a few years, the type that made me first think "Jimi's flag..." This comes from a cross of the old 'Danish Flag' by 'Purple Peony.' Dark seeds, attractive pods with opening pores. pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Flag Mix (Poppy)  Jimi's Flag Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A color spectrum right off a Hendrix album cover; saturated crimson petals w/ deep purple splashes, solid indigo petals, rosy pinks dappled with white, and a few solid white flowers. Seed color varies from pod to pod, coal black to vanilla, with nut browns and blues in between. Bees go bonkers for poppy pollen, you’ll love the rich tasting seeds. From the cross Danish Flag x Purple Frille... pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Purple Haze (Poppy)  Jimi's Purple Haze Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Out of the 'Jimi's Flag' poppy mix, purple petals with dark purple splotches. Purple pods have dark seeds. pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Snowflakes (Poppy)  Jimi's Snowflakes Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Crystal white petals with ice-cut edges, tan seed pods with nut-brown seeds, non-bitter and delicious. pricing and more info...
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