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Open Source Seed Initiative Pledged Varieties

In April of 2014, Wild Garden Seed joined with High Mowing Seed and public breeders at three Land Grant Universities (Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin) to release seeds of our own breeding under the auspices of the Open Source Seed Initiative, OSSI. The purpose of OSSI is to create an ethically bounded genetic commons. The OSSI Free Seed Pledge does, by public intention, what only endless contracts can do in law. See the original WGS OSSI essay (and follow-up essay) for the details.

We have chosen not to seek PVP or other intellectual property protection for our original varieties. We have studied, argued, consulted, and meditated on the relative virtues and hazards of intellectual property protection in the food sector of life. We have long been involved in an effort to contrive some variation on the use of Creative Commons ‘Copyleft’ and Open Source Software models to provide an open forum use of crop genetics, without fear that corporate entities will patent what others have freely offered. This turns out to be somewhat complex. Seeds are unlike software, words, devices, or even discoveries. To begin with, seeds are alive, while the rest are not. Regardless, these new crop cultivars, their genetics, and the traits they express are freely offered for public use, and are not intended for any kind of privatization or ownership by others, though others may use them in their breeding, farming, or garden-related enterprises.

Below is a list of all OSSI pledged varieties available in our catalog. These varieties are designated throughout our website with the OSSI logo: OSSI Logo

The OSSI Pledge:

“You have the right to use these OSSI-pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.”?

Wild Garden Seed appreciates recognition for its breeding work by those who use it.

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 Nebula (Tomato)  Nebula Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2021! A vigorous determinate type with red slightly flattened fruits a shade larger than ‘Estate,’ but smaller than ‘Home Stoop.’ The fruit has fasciated locules, which makes a softer, juicier slice than the spoke-like normal locules of ‘Estate’ than make a firm fruit. Heavy yielding. Adapted to moderately warm days and cool nights. pricing and more info...
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 Oaky Dokey Lollo (Lettuce)  Oaky Dokey Lollo Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Dark red oak with deeply cut leaves on a mid-sized frame, suitable for 9" spacing. Savoyed and crisped texture creates a lofty effect. Nothing flat about this lettuce. pricing and more info...
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 Oaky Red Splash (Lettuce)  Oaky Red Splash Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A grand old farm original from my first experiance in lettuce breeding. A sibling to 'Antares', also dating back to 1983, this oakleaf head is very upright with a bronze cast, splashed with irregular red patches. Midribs are often pink, especially when exposed to light by previous harvests. Can form huge heads in fertile ground. Sweeet! pricing and more info...
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Old Growth Palm Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Growers in the west, where winter slowly becomes spring and spring lasts until after July 4th, commonly winter-sow ‘Lacinato’ kale for earliest transplanting. Spring kale is a welcome addition to first CSA boxes and markets, but by summer, the kale appeal has worn off, and harvest ceases. Some growers till the crop in.... pricing and more info...
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 Opalescent (Basil)  Opalescent Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! This is an F5 selection from Mrihani x Opal that looks very much like the original F1 cross. Very darkest purple with large-toothed savoyed leaves, reminiscent in appearance to the AAS winner from the 80s "Purple Ruffles." But the fragrance and taste are completely distinct from sweet basil, and the fruity sweetness and cherry-magenta color ... pricing and more info...
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 Orcas (Lettuce)  Orcas Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A midi sized gem, about 9" across at full size. Savoyed, medium green with red spotting, short, broad leaves. pricing and more info...
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 Oro de Valle (Quinoa)  Oro de Valle Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This gold-headed strain has been selected out of our ‘Brightest Brilliant Rainbow’ for growing in the heart of the Willamette Valley. The head is composed of relatively loose seed clusters, which helps prevent molding or head-sprouting in humid conditions. Stocky plants are about 4’ tall at maturity. Seed is golden... pricing and more info...
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 Outredgeous (Lettuce)  Outredgeous Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This variety is so red that botany students didn’t recognize it as lettuce when they saw it in our breeding nursery back in ‘98, though a crowd did gather to discuss what it might be. A nice upright cut salad variety, forms a loose romaine head at maturity. An outrage of red in the salad bed, becoming a standard for salad growers. I guess this is our hit. In April 2014, Ou... pricing and more info...
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 Outstanding (Lettuce)  Outstanding Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
It had to happen; a contender arises to challenge its parentage. This selection came out of our 2003 crop for ‘Outredgeous’, chosen for being a little bigger, tighter, and later to bolt than the rest of the patch. After three more generations of selection for more downy mildew and Sclerotinia resistance, ‘Outstanding’ is ready to contend for title of our best red romaine. Love to hear resu... pricing and more info...
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 Oxblood Oak (Lettuce)  Oxblood Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Out of the Camo Oak series, this maroon red oak has a compact form that creates a dense oakleaf heart of small blanched leaves, 9 inch diameter. pricing and more info...
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 Pan (Lettuce)  Pan Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2021! The deep vibrant green of this selection makes me think of the Greek ‘figure and force of nature,’ Pan himself. This comes from a cross of 2 deep red lettuces (‘Pandora’ X ‘Red To The Heart’), but shows not the slightest blush. A dense hearted midi size, about right for 9” spacing, with a texture between butter and romaine. Shows good downy mildew resistance and is slow to bolt. pricing and more info...
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 Pele (Lettuce)  Pele Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
From 'Manoa x Leopard' this short leaf romaine begins as a dark spotted seedling, then matures into a glossy red, crisp, undulant romaine. Interior a blanched blend of pink and yellow heart. pricing and more info...
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 Peppermint (Quinoa)  Peppermint Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Some of the whitest seeds we’ve seen in trials in the past 3 years, and exceptionally resistant to wet weather head sprouting. Yield potential is very promising, with larger seeds and strong stems. Panicles are white, stems green with white stripes, growing 5-7 feet tall. Minimal branching with tight spacing. Looks like a winning quinoa pricing and more info...
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 Philosopher’s Mix (Lettuce)  Philosopher’s Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A strictly Romaine melange of perfect forms, pointy headed off-beats, serious Reds, and wannabe flash. Outredgeous, Plato, Olga, Really Red Deer Tongue, and Flashy Romainesque get together to convey most of the original ideas ideas about being Cos. A cutting salad concept worth speaking out about. pricing and more info...
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 Pink Lettucy (Mustard: Mild)  Pink Lettucy Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Golden green leaves with parallel veins, fine toothed margins, and purple- pink midribs. Thinned or spaced plantings have the best color and thickest leaves. Mild flavored salad item from seedling through “colorful raab” and edible flower stage. Released in 2005 thru Fedco. pricing and more info...
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 Pink Nugget (Quinoa)  Pink Nugget Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! Named for the seed color and the aggregation of seed clusters in the seedhead. Seed has a semi-durable pink pericarp with a nut brown seed beneath. One of the most beautiful quinoa seed colors we’ve ever seen. These are tending toward larger seed sizes, and provide good opportunity for selection of this trait. Panicles are pink at maturity, and the brightest seed is harvested before the panicles... pricing and more info...
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 Pink Petiole Mix (Mustard: Mild)  Pink Petiole Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
An amazing mix of colors, blonde to emerald leaves with round to flat petioles (“leaf stems”) in pink to purple shades. Cold hardy. Highly recommended for salad mix. Best color and quality from spaced plants or well-thinned rows. Pinkness intensifies with light and cool temperatures. Nitrogen excess usually mutes leaf and stem pigmentation other than green. pricing and more info...
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 Pinot (Lettuce)  Pinot Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
This gorgeous lettuce vintage is extracted out of the same hugely RED ‘Merlot’ variations as ‘Lollo di Vino’ but intermediate between them in head size and curliness. These leaves are highly ruffled and well-sized for salad, the ... pricing and more info...
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 Platonic Romaine (Lettuce)  Platonic Romaine Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Football shaped romaine heads with great wrapping boat-like leaves, healthy vigorous full sized plants produce gorgeous blanched-green hearts that are crunchy and sweet. If you want to float a tuna or chicken salad on a plate, these Platonic canoes are a perfect conveyance. pricing and more info...
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 Pleated Tangerine (Peppers)  Pleated Tangerine Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! Large bell peppers with a ruffled or pleated shape caused by extra carpel formation. Fruits are mostly pointed, with some exceptions having lobed ends. pricing and more info...
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 Posey (Lettuce)  Posey Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A uniformly small, dark green gem with internal red speckling more pronounced than its sister Lopez. pricing and more info...
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 Rana (Lettuce)  Rana Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Somehow this medium green, dark red spotted, rounded and savoyed lettuce reminded me of a 9" tall, 9" wide, frog. There, I said it. But it's a beauty on the inside, with a big well blanched heart of substantial leaves. pricing and more info...
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 Really Red Deer Tongue (Lettuce)  Really Red Deer Tongue Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
If the traditional ‘Red Deer Tongue’ leaves you wanting more red, try this first release in a series that combines the heirloom ‘Green Deer Tongue’ with our ‘Hyper Red Rumple Waved’. Leaves are long, pointed, and dark red all over, with a contrasting white midrib. Hard to classify by type. Begins as a unique dark red cutting type, then makes a butter-cos heart. Probably best as a sprin... pricing and more info...
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 Red Ball Jets (Lettuce)  Red Ball Jets Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
When I was a young kid, everyone wore Red Ball Jets on their feet. Summer started with a new pair, and ended with your toes poking through the canvas. The Red Ball in the center of every sole could make you “run faster and jump higher”—perhaps the first claim for athletic enhancement via shoes. Looking down on a maturing bed of this new intensely red lettuce, its round, savoyed, ruffle-edged... pricing and more info...
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 Red Head (Quinoa)  Red Head Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Our first selection from the original South American introductions of the 1980s. Sturdy high yielding strain with bright pinkish red seed heads, white seeds. Selected to withstand some rain at maturity without seed sprouting in the head, an important new trait in quinoa for North America. pricing and more info...
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Red Nugget Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2020! Sister line to ‘Pink Nugget’ with dark red seed pericarp, and walnut brown seed beneath. Like the other quinoa we sell, this one will give much brighter seed color if harvested just before the panicles turn brown. pricing and more info...
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 Red To The Heart Romaine (Lettuce)  Red To The Heart Romaine Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
I have several lines of this phenotype, one of which will become the final selection to go with the name. For now this can be considered a type that includes solid rose-red heart leaves, or hearts that are painted in red and gold patterns. At the Portland Breeder's Variety Showcase, bowls or these were mistaken for Treviso chicory hearts. But the taste and texture is all lettuce--crisp, juicy, swe... pricing and more info...
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 Red Ursa (Kale: Ruso-Siberian)  Red Ursa Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Our first award winner, selected among the top 5 Best New Vegetable Introductions of 1997 in the National Gardening Trials. Combines the broadleaf frills of ‘Siberian’ with the color of ‘Red Russian’. Great raw flavor for salads, especially the young mature leaves of full-grown plants. Gives good fluff to flat salad. Bolting purple stems of overwintered plants are very sweet, colorful, and... pricing and more info...
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 Red-Earred Butterheart (Lettuce)  Red-Earred Butterheart Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
Sounds like an embarrassed suitor in springtime, but here’s a new selection from the ‘Really Red Deer Tongue’ tribe, with dark red pointed leaves that are shorter, broader, more buttery and folded than RRDT. Like its parent, introduced through the Fedco catalog. pricing and more info...
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 Redder Ruffled Oak (Lettuce)  Redder Ruffled Oak Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
One of our favorite old farm originals from our salad days at Shoulder to Shoulder Farm. We found Redder Ruffled Oak to be our most vigorous grower in cold spring soils, and frost resistant as well. The ruffle comes from a little ‘Lollo Rosso’ in its background, giving its oak leaves frilled edges and a somewhat blistered surface texture. pricing and more info...
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