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Lettuce: Crispleaf/Head:

For some, this is what lettuce is all about—very crisp, juicy, non-bitter, and unassertive...often a blanched head that actually crunches if you bite into it. Some varieties develop as open rosettes until full maturity, with well-pigmented bite sized leaves perfect for hefty salad mix. Leaves can be very fancy at the young-cut age, and heavy salad for its size.

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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NEW FOR 2015! An overwintering green head lettuce with red splashes intended for September planting in the field, with full head harvest in April and May. pricing and more info...
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Salinas 88 
NEW FOR 2016! Another classic product of public breeding, from the USDA lettuce station in Salinas CA, headed for decades by Ed Ryder, preeminent lettuce scientist for the US. This is iconic “iceberg lettuce” as you imagine it, resistant to nearly all maladies of ... pricing and more info...
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 Rosencrantz (Lettuce)  Rosencrantz Farm Original Variety!
More compact and refined than those other fools, tightest and crisp in the head. Dark red blush and red splashes blanch to pink in the tightly folded convolutions of the heart. A brilliant actor that can stand alone on a salad plate, or stand up to bold f... pricing and more info...
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 Robinhood Mix (Lettuce)  Robinhood Mix Farm Original Variety!
This is a Lincoln green band of three head types--a tight round crisphead ('Little John'), an upright romaine type ('Robinhood'), and an open looseleaf ('Lincoln Greenleaf'). Glossy, thick leaves are crisp and juicy as cut leaves or whole heads. These a... pricing and more info...
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 Reine d' Glaces (Lettuce)  Reine d' Glaces 
The “Queen of Ices” has been around for about 2 centuries, and she’s a beauty of a crisphead, with very ornately toothed green wrapper leaves blanching a crunchy white heart. Sounds like a queen. The hearts are a nice base for any salad, and she mak... pricing and more info...
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 Red Iceberg (Lettuce)  Red Iceberg 
What a wonderful find—a truly red, fully heading crispleaf iceberg lettuce. Worked great for us from a spring planting, and held well in the field before bolting. Joelene brought this to our attention, saying she liked it as a young cut salad item. Cris... pricing and more info...
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 Red Ball Jets (Lettuce)  Red Ball Jets Farm Original Variety!
When I was a young kid, everyone wore Red Ball Jets on their feet. Summer started with a new pair, and ended with your toes poking through the canvas. The Red Ball in the center of every sole could make you “run faster and jump higher”—perhaps the f... pricing and more info...
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 Minigreen Merlox Mix (Lettuce)  Minigreen Merlox Mix Farm Original Variety!
A combination of three miniature “iceberg” types from the Merlox variations. Shades of different greens and maturity dates, forming heads from tennis to softball size that make nice one or two-serving salads. Leaves are sweet and crisp for cutting sal... pricing and more info...
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 Manoa (Lettuce)  Manoa 
A special mini head from University of Hawaii, grown widely in the Islands for its resistance to heat and tip-burn. ‘Manoa’ is actually a tropical-stress selected version of the century-old ‘Green Mignonette,’ itself recognized as a standout heat ... pricing and more info...
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NEW FOR 2015! A gourgeous red tinged batavian crispleaf with deeply ruffled leaves forming a loose head. This is a lettuce for year-round planting and harvest. August and September sowings bear full heads February through April. A versatile season extending variety sen... pricing and more info...
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 Joker (Lettuce)  Joker Farm Original Variety!
First cousin to 'Jester', but more extreme in its attributes. Forms a tighter head of deeply savoyed leaves with bold red splashes and large-toothed margins with coarse crenation. Thick leaves ha... pricing and more info...
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 Jester (Lettuce)  Jester Farm Original Variety!
OK--this is it. This is my favorite lettuce of all time. Not quite perfect yet, but this triple cross between Reine d’ Glaces, Merlot, and ... pricing and more info...
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 Jack Ice (Lettuce)  Jack Ice 
A dark green crisp-leaf especially suited to salad mix, with extra fancy toothing of the leaf margins and an upright, open heading habit for easy harvest. A juicy sweet taste, good heft, and high resistance to downy mildew and tipburn make this a good bas... pricing and more info...
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 Iceberg (Lettuce)  Iceberg 
Not to be confused with the generic term for head lettuce (as in ‘Crispino’), this Batavian variety is an heirloom more than a century old. Golden green leaves with wavy pink margins form large soft oval... pricing and more info...
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 Gildenstern (Lettuce)  Gildenstern Farm Original Variety!
NEW FOR 2015! A golden green sidekick to Rosencrantz, forming icy crisp heads that are suitable for individual salads. A good year-round mini-heading lettuce, even suitable for autumn harvest from early August sowings. Re... pricing and more info...
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 Falstaff (Lettuce)  Falstaff Farm Original Variety!
Somewhat between a 'Jester' and a 'Joker', a jovial icy red-splattered ball becomes a slightly tallish tight crisphead at maturity. Margins are largely toothed... pricing and more info...
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 Crispino (Lettuce)  Crispino 
Straight head lettuce, no questions asked. Quarter it as salad for four, add dressing. Ozzie & Harriet salad of my youth is making a comeback, and this is the backbone for it. ‘Crispino’ is a uniform, unfussy “iceberg lettuce” for those who don’... pricing and more info...
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 Cougar Batavian (Lettuce)  Cougar Batavian Farm Original Variety!
A smooth, svelt, bronzed batavian lettuce with a crisp juicy texture, sweet in the heat of summer for cutting mix or fresh market heads with creamy hearts. We found this as an errant seedling in a flat of unrelated lettuce. It appears to be one of our bat... pricing and more info...
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 Concept (Lettuce)  Concept 
Striking visual appeal in pure crisp green. A cross between crispleaf and romaine types, creating an open whorled effect in the full head, and a very juicy crunchy romainesque flavor. Slow bolting. pricing and more info...
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 Cardinale (Lettuce)  Cardinale 
A wine red Batavian crisp-leaf, especially suited to cutting for salad mix because of its juicy crunch, heft, shelf life and well-proportioned leaves. Forms open rosettes for easy picking until full maturity, then folds itself into a beautiful red crisphe... pricing and more info...
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 Anuenue (Lettuce)  Anuenue 
A sweet green header from Hawaii, of all places. Can you hear the winds sing “ah-new-ee-new-ee” as a rainbow arches over your paradise...? ‘Anuenue’ (rainbow) works as a thick green cut-leaf for salad, or as an easy, heat tolerant, non-bitter, ful... pricing and more info...
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Redder Ruffled Oak
Redder Ruffled Oak (Lettuce)
Redder Ruffled Oak (Lettuce)
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