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Flowers: Sweet Pea
Lathryus odoratus
A native to Italy, the sweet pea became the quintessential royal English garden flower early in the 1700s. By the 1800s, sweet pea breeding was a gardening "thing." More than 130 varieties greeted the 20th century, including the famous "Old Spice" varieties. Transplant or thin to 4-6" spacing, expect vines to reach 6'.
Seeds Per Packet: 75
Seeds Per Gram: 12
Seeds Per Ounce: 300

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 America (Sweet Pea)  America 
NEW FOR 2018! 1896. I notice that depending on the person describing this flower, it is either described as white with crimson streaks, or crimson streaked with white...either way, beautiful and fragrant. pricing and more info...
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 Captain of the Blues (Sweet Pea)  Captain of the Blues 
NEW FOR 2018! 1889. There is some discrepancy in what year Eckford released this blue/mauve fragrant pea, but it was one of his early transformations of 'Cupani.' pricing and more info...
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 Cupani (Sweet Pea)  Cupani 
NEW FOR 2018! 1695. Also called 'Cupani Original' in reference to its status as the most primitive form of the fragrant garden sweet pea, named for discoverer Father Francis Cupani, a Sicilian monk who found it as a fragrant wildling growing near his monastery ca. 1695, and published an account of it. By 1700 seeds for this fragrant wild pea had made their way to London and Amsterdam, and on to Linnaeus in time... pricing and more info...
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King Edward 
NEW FOR 2018! 1903. Henry Eckford's deep crimson tribute to the King, reliably bearing three flowers per stem, an improvement for its time. Sweetly scented like all Eckford's work. pricing and more info...
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 Mrs. Collier (Sweet Pea)  Mrs. Collier 
NEW FOR 2018! 1907. Perhaps Henry Eckford's last release, presented to the public 2 years after his death in 1905. pricing and more info...
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 Old Spice Mix (Sweet Pea)  Old Spice Mix 
The standard for fragrant sweet peas. Colors from intense red through ultraviolet, derived from the original Henry Echford breeding lines from the late 1800s. pricing and more info...
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 Painted Lady (Sweet Pea)  Painted Lady 
One of the bicolor creations by Henry Echford in the late 1800s. Blossoms go from white/rose in the morning to shades of purple by evening. Fragrance on the evening wind. pricing and more info...
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 Queen Alexandra (Sweet Pea)  Queen Alexandra 
1905. Off-the-scale hue of scarlet red, and sweet smell to match that. A Henry Eckford variety. pricing and more info...
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Red, White, and Blues Mix 
I made this mix from different Spice Mix colors that seemed to fit the national mood for 2017. America, Queen Alexandria, Mrs Collier, and Captain of the Blues. Reds, White, and Blues. pricing and more info...
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 
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