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Flowers: Poppy
Papaver sominiferum
The stunning 4” flowers are the first morning targets for gathering bees. Poppies are a staple food crop for people in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Poppy seed and the very fine oil made from it (called “olivette” in French cuisine) are daily ingredients in cooking throughout this region. Seed is best sown directly (does not transplant well), as early as possible in the spring. Thinning to 4-8” apart in the row. In mild winter regions (15 °F+) poppies may be autumn sown for larger, earlier seed crops. For cut flowers, the cut stem ends are seared by flame or dipped in boiling water just after harvest to extend vase life.
Seeds Per Packet: 300
Seeds Per Gram: 3,000
Seeds Per Ounce: 84,000

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 Jimi's Flag Mix (Poppy)  Jimi's Flag Mix Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
A color spectrum right off a Hendrix album cover; saturated crimson petals w/ deep purple splashes, solid indigo petals, rosy pinks dappled with white, and a few solid white flowers. Seed color varies from pod to pod, coal black to vanilla, with nut browns and blues in between. Bees go bonkers for poppy pollen, you’ll love the rich tasting seeds. From the cross Danish Flag x Purple Frille... pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Purple Haze (Poppy)  Jimi's Purple Haze Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2016! Out of the 'Jimi's Flag' poppy mix, purple petals with dark purple splotches. Purple pods have dark seeds. pricing and more info...
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 Jimi's Snowflakes (Poppy)  Jimi's Snowflakes Farm Original Variety! OSSI Pledged Variety
NEW FOR 2016! Crystal white petals with ice-cut edges, tan seed pods with nut-brown seeds, non-bitter and delicious. pricing and more info...
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 Perky Peony Poppy Mix (Poppy)  Perky Peony Poppy Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! Brilliant colors of ruffled and doubled peony poppies on 4' stems--king's crimson, midnight violet, purple lilac, shocking pink, and snowflake white. Suitable for fresh cutting, and seed pods are choice for dried arrangements. pricing and more info...
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Kweik (Lettuce)
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