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Flowers: Zinnia
Zinnia spp.
Zinnia may well be for flower growers what ?lettuce is for truck farmers—indispensable. It must always be part of the crop mix, and it must be sown every 2 weeks for a total of about 6 sowings per year in order to maintain the best quality at the market. Like lettuce, the number of varieties and types can be overwhelming, but so can the possibilities for breeders and growers. The plant invites experimentation through all its natural variation. Attractive to so many bees and butterflies one wonders if you are in a garden or an insectary. Originated in Mexico.
Seeds Per Packet: 50
Seeds Per Gram: 82-185

Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Seed

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 Aztec Sunset Mix (Zinnia)  Aztec Sunset Mix 
This is the short, compact zinnia species, generally 10–15” tall, but very productive on a stems/sq. ft. basis. Also less prone to mildew and other leaf grief. ‘Aztec Sunset’ is a mix of evening colors from orange-red through burgundy and into purple, fully doubled, often bicolored petals tipped in white or yellow. pricing and more info...
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 Candy Mix (Zinnia)  Candy Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! This mix contains a distinctive sweet innovation in zinnia elaboration. Here the breeders have chosen to double and enlarge parts of the disc flowers, as opposed to the petals (ray flowers). The effect creates a mounded cupcake-like disc surrounded by bright rays. This has spawned a whole new zinnia class that some call "scabiosa" or "pincushion" types. I find the enlarged disc flowers fascinating... pricing and more info...
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Crouching and Hidden, Dragons and Tigers 
NEW FOR 2017! This is a blend of two hybrid zinnias allowed to make seed together. Dangerous, I realize, but someone has to do it. This is where new varieties come from. Short 20-24" plants with doubled 3" flowers of red petals with ivory tips (Dragons) and scarlet petals with golden yellow tips (Tigers), and many variations thereupon. pricing and more info...
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 Cupcake Mix (Zinnia)  Cupcake Mix 
NEW FOR 2018! Another scabiosa-type zinnia mix (like Candy Mix) with a higher percentage of the more elaborated tufted disc flowers. Very bright reds and yellows, lavender, and apricot in cupcake-like mounds. Impressive stems. pricing and more info...
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 Giant Cactus Mix (Zinnia)  Giant Cactus Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! These are so beautifully shaggy and big. 3' tall with mops of flower heads 3-5" across comprised of long tubular petals in yellow, cream, pink, and crimson. Karen's favorite. pricing and more info...
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 Jim Baggett's Choice Mix (Zinnia)  Jim Baggett's Choice Mix 
NEW FOR 2018! These brilliantly hued and diversely formed zinnias come from the great Oregon State vegetable breeder Jim Baggett, who made zinnias and dahlias his backyard avocation. Huge heads on long stems in spectral extremes of orange, yellow, red, magenta, and pink, with long, sometimes rolled or quilled petals. Spectacular. pricing and more info...
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 Oklahoma Mix (Zinnia)  Oklahoma Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! A healthy and vigorous tall mix of clear colors--red, salmon, magenta, yellow, pink and white spheres of 2-3" fully doubled blossoms. One of the most mildew resistant zinnias available, and a notably long vase life. I particularly enjoy the rounded flower form combined with the pure color brilliance on long stems. 'Oklahoma' maintains an essential and elegant form in a motley and diverse crew of ... pricing and more info...
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Peppermint Stick 
NEW FOR 2017! Cream to golden yellow petals are variously flecked, splashed, and blotted with shades of red dapples. A fun mix of unique patterns on 2" fully doubled blooms, plants 2-3' tall with an 8-10" spread. This variety strikes me as needing some selection to bring its colors in line with its name. The bright red-on-rich gold form doesn't strike me so much as "peppermint stick," as much as it does a "fire... pricing and more info...
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 Persian Carpet (Zinnia)  Persian Carpet 
My introduction to the wonders of compact zinnias. These are so resplendent and low lying that you do wish you could lie down in them to watch the winged life. These are brighter in tone than the ‘Aztec Sunset,’ a mix of solid and bicolor petals in carmine, yellow, deep red, and white fringed shades. pricing and more info...
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 Pinca Mix (Zinnia)  Pinca Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! Wide 5" semi-double blooms look like pink, yellow, and orange sea anemones with their long reaching petals rolled into tubular tips. Sturdy 3' plants will bloom all summer. Handsome and unique, with unusual colors blending orange into violet and mauve. pricing and more info...
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 Red Spider (Zinnia)  Red Spider 
NEW FOR 2017! This unusually slender zinnia is from the species Z. tenuifolia, giving it a distinctive graceful appearance in the landscape. My nephew, a landscape architect, suggested it would go perfectly with ornamental grasses. Narrow scarlet petals project from the disc singly, without overlapping at the base as other zinnias do. About 2' tall, 8-10" wide, with 1¼" flowers, these should have clo... pricing and more info...
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 Scarlet Flame (Zinnia)  Scarlet Flame 
NEW FOR 2017! A long-lived dame of the American flower garden, introduced more than 80 years ago, and still burning bright at more than 3' tall and 4" across. As scarlet as red can get. pricing and more info...
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 State Fair Mix (Zinnia)  State Fair Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! Beautifully balanced color mix of single and double flowers, old fashioned in its appeal, deeply colored, reaching over 3' for us. pricing and more info...
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 Swizzle Mix (Zinnia)  Swizzle Mix 
NEW FOR 2017! Short bedding zinnias with large fully doubled flowers 3-4" across on 10-12" stems. A long blooming mix of two-toned petals in crimson and gold, and raspberry and cream. Suitable for borders or bouquets. pricing and more info...
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 Wild Garden Zinnia Mix  Wild Garden Zinnia Mix 
NEW FOR 2018! This is a sampling of all the Z. elegans diversity in the seed garden, including crazy off-types and breeding project progeny. For the cut flower grower who likes spontaneity on the cheap, this is the thing. pricing and more info...
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